Minneapolis-Wedding-Photographer-Alexa-Aretz1I’m a photographer in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I document weddings with an emotional, candid style and the eye of a trained artist.

The photos I love best are the ones that hit me deep in my gut.

I have always created images. My mother was developing her own photos before I was born, and my father built her a darkroom in the basement of my first childhood home. As a former student of the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and The Atelier Minneapolis, I have training in painting and drawing, as well as contemporary visual disciplines like logo and graphic design. Once I picked up a camera, I already had a refined sense of detail, composition, and storytelling to guide my work.

As a photographer, I combine my love of photojournalism and authentic, candid documentation with the refined process and aesthetic of an artist.

A few facts to get us acquainted:

  • I have two dogs. One is kind fluffy, the other’s kinda chunky. I have specific voices for each of them –voices which my husband and I workshopped concurrently with dog-personality-analyses and research into American regional accents from their places of origin– that I use when I talk for them. I talk for them a lot.

  • As a child of the Minneapolis school system, I live and die by Apple products. I learned Photoshop on my Blueberry iMac in 6th grade and the coroner will pry an iPhone from my cold, dead hands. My husband does not like Apple products. This may be the greatest conflict in our relationship.

  • UPDATE 2017: My husband now uses an iPhone. I win.

  • My preferred pokémon types are psychic and fairy.

  • I travel for photos, family, friends, vegan food… almost any reason I can come up with.

I am constantly excited and inspired by my pursuits as a photographer. In addition to my photography business, I do photojournalism work focusing on social justice issues for Twin Cities publications, and I am currently enrolled in a Yoga Teacher Training program. My ever-expanding “Photography Wishlist” includes an elegant Halloween wedding, street photography in Kyoto, a sunrise yoga lifestyle session, photographing the rock-hewn churches in Lalibela, Ethiopia, a wedding at the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, a springtime engagement session in Glacier National Park… if any of these sound like you, let’s get inspired together!